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diving 50m

50m - Air Diving spreads

Consisting of 4 DNV or ABS classified containers, and two A-frames with a launching basket, specially built according to our specifications, and according to the most recent standards in terms of ergonomics and safety (IMCA Recommendations), our air diving sets allow our teams to operate from 0 to 50 meters in complete safety and with maximum comfort.

Depending on the needs, an additional 10-foot Nitrox container (oxygenated air mixture) can be added to the installation for depths of 0 to 30 m, to shorten the decompression stop times, for optimization of working times. 

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75m - Mixed Diving Sets

Our diving sets with synthetic mixtures (Oxygen/Helium) have, apart from the containers identical to air diving, a specific control room equipped with a wet bell (Bulle) supplied in gas by an umbilical from the surface.

Two divers take place in the bell for the descent and the ascent and thus have a relay point at the bottom and greater comfort for the execution of the decompression stops (first with the mixture and then with oxygen before coming to the surface)
These sets also comply with IMCA recommendations and are built to DNV standards. 


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diving 75m
diving 200m

200m - Saturation Dives

In this diving system, the divers live on the diving support vessel, inside the habitat, which is pressurized at the working depth, a depth where they descend by twins for up to 8 hours a day in a closed bell (tourelle).

Thus, three pairs cover 24 hours, allowing the progress of work 24 hours a day, for maximum optimization of diving times, almost identical to the effective working time at the bottom.
The decompression is then done at the end. 

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Subsea Robotics Services

ROV cougar petrodive

PETRODIVE launched its ROV Division in January 2021, initially focusing on providing experienced personnel at all levels for observation and work class vehicles in Africa and Internationally.


Since January 2022


IMCA approved and ISO certified Petrodive is recognized and approved by the majority of the IACS member certification bodies.

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