PETRODIVE offers Subsea Operation Supports providing a wide range of modular support services to assist you with your subsea missions.

Communications will be maintained with the Client at all times to ensure the scope of work is carried out as per Client instructions and to advise the Client of any changes within the industry that may affect the safety and efficiency of operations.

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Our team of divers and specialist technicians can assist you with all your projects, such as building or renovating wharves, fitting or lifting measurement instruments (current meters, buoys, moorings, taking sam- ples, core drilling, etc.).

Our diving platforms are available for any length of time, both for spot missions and as part of framework contracts.

PETRODIVE has many divers who are also rope access technicians (IRATA). Knowing that we can provide rope access services for difficult-to-reach locations and be proactive in case of bad sea conditions or perform a specific jobs requiring both skills.


For more Information about our Subsea Operations Support, Contact Us.

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